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How Daniel Mangena Is Helping People Discover Their True Purpose In Life

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In the competitive and constantly changing world of today, most of us are unaware of our true purpose in life. Since childhood, we are pushed into a cycle i.e. study hard, get a job, get married, have kids, save money for retirement, and so on.

Our lives are moving so fast that we don’t get time to sit back and reflect on what we’re doing, and whether that is actually the purpose of our existence. Although the thought crosses our minds at least once in our lives, only a few of us tend to stop and entertain this thought. If you’re one of these people, don’t worry, because Daniel Mangena is here to help you.

About Daniel Mangena aka Dan

A life coach, motivational speaker, and author of some best-selling books, that is what defines Daniel aka Dan Mangena. Belonging to a humble background, he was also put through the cycle. However, Dan always knew he wanted something more. He kept struggling, mainly because he was aware of the fact that this isn’t his true purpose. After years of facing hardships and struggles, he finally discovered his ‘dream’ – what he was really meant to achieve in life. Now, he’s helping others do the same through his venture Dream With Dan.

For Dan, it has always been more about helping others and less about fame and money. He believes that the process of discovering your true self can be exhausting and demotivating, especially when you have no one to help you out. This is the main reason why Dan decided to start his venture, Dream With Dan. “When I was going through this phase, I had no one to help me or guide me, which made things more difficult for me. I had to rebuild my life from scratch, and now I’m supporting and helping hundreds of other people in doing the same,” he says, adding that the satisfaction he gets from it is unmatchable.

The young coach is known for his Beyond Intention Paradigm, a theory developed exclusively by him using his own experiences. In his exact words, “built from nearly a decade of my own blood, sweat and yes, tears, I’ve finally shared this theory with my followers, having a certainty of its efficacy bred from what it has brought me through in my life, and what it continues to bring to the lives of Dreamers around the globe, giving them the keys back to their own lives that they might live a life of true, joyful purpose,” he says.

The theory follows a simple, four-phased system designed to empower individuals so that they can break through their mental, emotional, and energetic stuck states. The program has not only helped Dan but several individuals in dealing with all types of problems, including relationship breakups, anxiety, and business decisions to stress, anger management, and procrastination.

What’s Different?

What makes Dan stand apart from other coaches is that even after achieving recognition and status, he hasn’t forgotten his roots. Most coaches tend to commercialize themselves and cater to clients from a particular class only, but that’s not the case with Dan. He himself personally guides all his clients and is there to help them throughout, which gives his clients a chance to focus and reflect on what they are going through in-depth. Dan also makes sure he follows up with his clients to see how they are doing, which shows how invested he is in their progress.

As if this isn’t enough, Dan has recently launched his fourth book, Money Game: A Wealth Manifestation Guide, which talks about the micro-shifting strategy that helps in creating alignment between the power of your subconscious and your dream life. It is a simple and straightforward guide to leading a more fulfilled life – one that matches your ‘dream’. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

Indeed, to be able to lead people towards their true purpose in life is an art that only a few can learn, and Dan Mangena is one of these people. If you feel like you’re stuck at a point from where you can’t move forward or even backward, then you need a dose of Dream with Dan.