Who Is Connor Bedard Sister Madisen Bedard?

Connor Bedard sister

Connor Bedard sister must be very lucky to have a brother like him. Connor Bedard, an NHL prospect, is the son of Tom and Melanie Bedard. Madisen, his sister, and Connor are their two children.

They were raised in North Vancouver, Canada, by Tom and Melanie. Connor enjoyed playing outside and with other children in their neighborhood since he was a small child.

Already an accomplished gymnast, Madisen was a major motivator for Connor to advance. When they were kids, Madisen would frequently beat Connor in friendly challenges like chin-ups in the kitchen.

Madisen was the first to take Connor skating on the ice for the first time, even though she didn’t like skating at first.

Connor Bedard sister

North Vancouver is where Madi and Connor were raised. Madisen, the older sister, is a skilled gymnast and was instrumental in helping Bedard develop his physical abilities. 

When Connor and Madi were younger, they used to play in friendly tournaments where their love of sports was evident.

Connor Bedard sister

It was Madisen who went skating with Connor on the ice. As his abilities gradually improved, Connor decided to play ice hockey professionally.

Madisen committed herself entirely to gymnastics. Like any other child, the siblings had a typical upbringing, and their parents made sure to console them and support them in pursuing their sporting goals. 

She was the first to encourage her brother Connor to play hockey in the future, even though they had different careers.

Connor Bedard sister relocated to Sweden to help him

Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, Connor Bedard’s trip to Regina was placed on pause as the WHL season was severely delayed.

Nonetheless, he was lucky to have the chance to perform in Sweden at this time. To help her brother, Madisen went with him on his abroad travels while their parents took care of business at home.

Melanie, the mother, was understandably nervous about their travel. However, Madisen’s presence brought her comfort amidst the challenges and uncertainty of the epidemic.

Initially, Connor Bedard’s sister planned to move to Calgary for her third year of studying kinesiology at Simon Fraser University.

She provided Connor with the essential assistance during his stay in Sweden at the right time. 

In addition to helping with planning and cooking, Madisen also made sure that Connor’s workout regimen and schedule were followed.

The path of Connor Bedard to the NHL

On June 28, 2023, Bedard was selected by the Chicago Blackhawks as the first overall pick in the 2023 NHL Entry draft.

He became the second player in the team’s history to be chosen first overall, the first being Kane Patrick in 2007.

Additionally, he followed Ryan Nugent Hopkins in 2011 as the first player from British Columbia to be selected as the top choice.

Connor Bedard sister

On July 17, 2023, Bedrad turned eighteen. He inked a three-year entry-level deal with the Blackhawks, making his debut on October 10, 2023. 

He is presently a player with the Blackhawks, and the NHL seems to have a bright future for him. 

Being among the NHL’s youngest players, Bedard can become one of the league’s best players.