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Club Fundraising: Raising Money Made Easier and Hassle-free


Are you ready to make money? You might be struggling with the idea of what to do for your next fundraiser.

Are you stuck and stressed about what to do next?

Or you have a very high goal to reach and you just are not certain how to get there?

Whether you’re planning to try to raise money for a nonprofit, club, or your business, there’s a lot of burden on you to discover the best idea and to raise a sufficient amount of funds to keep your organization running. 

To relieve you of all your worries, we here at Club Fundraising are here to help.

All about Club Fundraising

Club Fundraising was initiated in 2020 with the intention of creating a feasible fundraising idea for clubs. Club fundraising for the very first time brings a unique and exclusive scratch-off fundraising card designed specially to unite clubs and club members directly. Our number one goal is to make sure that your fundraiser is the best fundraiser you will ever do and experience. Through our scratch-off fundraising card, collecting revenue becomes really easy. Our simple process is very easy, effective and people-friendly. Fundraising has never been so easy, fun and profitable with club fundraising. 

Club Fundraising has facilitated administrations to accomplish their fundraising goals generating thousands of dollars of profits for organizations. If you take a glance at our products, you can easily order your unique and exclusive scratch off fundraising card without any hassle designed specially according to you. 

Why fundraising is important for organizations

Nowadays Fundraising has become so tough and important that it requires discipline, tolerance, stamina, commitment, discipline, and getting through difficult times. Through fundraising an organization covers their extra income. Fundraising has become so vital for an organization that apart from bringing financial steadiness, it also brings a sense of cooperation between the local community, members and club members altogether. It brings together compatible similar minded people who want to work together for a good cause. Many well-executed fundraisers can result and give an amazing outcome in a new network of friends, followers, supporters and partners. The result is the improvement of your club or organizations through recommendations and most importantly through word of mouth.

Club fundraising helps increase your income

Here at club fundraising, Money is king. Club fundraising inspires creativity and fosters an entrepreneurial approach. An effective and fruitful fundraising event can also bring in new media and reporters from your local area or community. The more optimistic press you can get for your club or organization – the more people will hear about you through newspapers or social media. When you buy scratch off Club Fundraising cards, each card vended makes $40 of pure profit. We target every club member to sell just one card and voila! Your work is done. You don’t need to spend those extra bucks on advertising and sponsorship. Club fundraising is here to pump you up. With our extra efficient and experienced club members, they know exactly how to motivate and empower your club members to raise money.  

Club fundraising

Raise fund with quality products & 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Quality is key here, and when you provide your members with good quality products and 100% satisfaction, they are able to participate in all types of fundraising themselves and will help broaden your reach through word of mouth or through social media. Club fundraising emphasizes on building good terms with every new club member and offers an introductory discount of 25% on their very first order. Also, through purchasing club fundraising cards one can be guaranteed all year-round revenue, community members participation and most importantly it helps generate financial stability. 

Fundraising has never been easier, more fun or more profitable.