Reason Behind Chris Rooney Emily Rooney Divorce?

chris rooney emily rooney

On numerous social media platforms, Chris Rooney Emily Rooney are followed by millions of users. His position as Yet Baby’s account manager is well known. Fans are curious to learn more about the TikTok star’s wife and private life.

Chris and Emily’s marriage may soon end, according to sources. On Aug 4, 2023, Chris revealed publicly that the couple decided to part ways. Chris Rooney didn’t tell the reason why they are ending their marriage.

Even though many people know Chris Rooney’s online image, his wife and their relationship offer a glimpse into his life away from the screen.

Who is Chris Rooney?

Uncle Chris, a well-liked TikTok creator better known as Chris Rooney, recently experienced a difficulty.

When Rooney, a 26-year-old from Fredericksburg, Virginia, began filming videos with his young niece and nephew in January 2020, he quickly attracted a sizable audience.

Most videos showed children attempting to pour drinks into glasses while making a massive mess.

The “Yeet Baby” creation

Alexandra and Tyler Grant, parents of Marleigh and Jack, played a minimal role in the film but actively managed the Yeet Baby social media pages.

The name Yeet Baby originated from the internet slang phrase for tossing anything and is often used as an exclamation.

In light of the expanding discussion surrounding creating viral videos with children too young to agree, Rooney and the account have come under some fire recently.

His fan base has remained solid, though, and his TikTok videos continue to do well, frequently receiving over a million views.

Chris Rooney Emily Rooney time together

The general public still doesn’t know much about Emily Rooney, even though she is married to a well-known person in the social media industry.

The public has not been aware of most of Emily’s past and personal journey.

Very little information is available regarding Emily’s life before her marriage to Chris and throughout that time.

According to some circumstantial evidence, she might have kept up a presence on social media.

On the other hand, she was involved in the digital world because she was linked to Chris similarly through shared posts and photographs.

Chris’s life with wife Emily 

Chris Rooney’s spouse is Emily Rooney. Chris Rooney was born in Fredericksburg, Virginia. His wife Emily is from the same southeasterly state.

The audience saw Emily in various posts of Chris, but she was just for a few minutes. On July 6, 2022, he shared an Instagram video where Emily and his baby nephew Jack accompanied him.

He stated, “Marleigh was too preoccupied with Jacks’s hair to teach him how to pour.

On August 3, 2021, Chris shared a photo of his wife and niece and a link to Emily’s Instagram profile.

However, her page was eventually deleted. The following was the caption for the video: “Marleigh and @emilyyarooney try to make Uncle Chris prettier #justsendit.”

Although Emily has largely kept her personal affairs confidential, she appears to be a cosmetics artist.

She describes herself as a touring bridal makeup artist based in Richmond, Virginia, on her Facebook profile, @emilyrooneymakeup.

The reason behind Chris Rooney Emily Rooney separation

Their separation’s causes have remained a secret, leading fans and followers to make assumptions about what elements influenced their choice. 

Chris’s battle with alcoholism and Emily’s miscarriage experience have been mentioned in Reddit posts, but their specific issues have not been supported.

He and Emily’s relationship has experienced its fair share of ups and downs. Their young marriage, which was linked with intervals of separation and reconciliation, further strained their relationship.

Their relationship was affected by emotional instability or lack of care. They were probably made more complicated by Chris’s struggles with drinking and losing their first kid. 

Chris Rooney’s disappearance 

Rooney checked himself into a mental hospital on July 25 and then showed up again on August 3, according to a post by his family on Instagram.

According to the message, Rooney was “found safe” on August 3.

Before disappearing, he uploaded a video to his personal TikTok account that some people found disturbing.

In the video, Rooney responded to a remark regarding his divorce from Emily Rooney by saying, “Alcohol is a toxic substance. I can infer from the fact that you lost your lovely wife that you must completely give up drinking. You’ve tried naltrexone.”

Rooney expressed his outrage by saying the remark was “not even remotely true. “Rooney’s family released another statement on August 8 that provided more specifics about what had transpired.

It said that after watching the “Sound of Freedom” video about child sexual assault, he had mental difficulties.

“His relatives and friends, as well as we, were concerned for his safety. We quickly posted on social media asking people to keep an eye out for him to help the authorities find him,” it said.

While acknowledging that fans are worried about Rooney’s health, his family advised supporters to hold off until the internet sensation is “healthy and ready to share his experiences.”

Final words 

Chris Rooney Emily Rooney fan base remains strong despite recent criticism around the habit of sharing images or videos of young children online.

On Wednesday, Rooney’s family updated his whereabouts and health in response to his supporters’ “genuine concern.” The statement revealed that six months after divorcing his wife, Emily, the TikTok sensation had a “difficult” time.

Chris Rooney’s divorce is an unsettling reminder that separation and divorce are very personal events that have nothing to do with popularity or social standing. 

It demonstrates how mentally taxing divorce can be, how difficult the law can be, and how difficult it can be to maintain your privacy, even for those who are well-liked and highly regarded.