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Not Only The Super Bowl Is Business But The Cheerleaders Also Enter A Million Dollars

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Cheerleaders Enter A Million Dollars
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The ‘Cheerleaders’ are the motivational groups of the football teams of the NFL, which generate income not insignificant seven figures income. Yesterday afternoon was the LIII Super Bowl edition where the New England Patriots managed to lift the trophy and crowned as the 2019 NFL champions.

The event is more than a game; it is a millionaire business that more than one brand seeks to capitalize.

To give us an idea, it is worth recognizing that, according to the Forbes this is an event that moves more than 4 thousand 800 million dollars.

Moreover, it is that something more than a trophy comes into play. From advertising and bets to the half-time show and rating, there are many edges that make the NFL final an extensive business.

Not Only The Super Bowl Is Business But The Cheerleaders Also Enter A Million Dollars

The NFL is a huge business as we could see in the great economic spill that leaves the Super Bowl and an element that is not left behind, are the cheerleaders or “Cheerleaders” who are also a source of income for the teams.

This format of cheerleading began in the 60s with the team of the Colts of Indianapolis, and from there to date have been evolving as a concept that has all the teams of the NFL and also generates a not negligible income.

A clear and familiar example is the Dallas Cowboys team’s motivation team, the most valuable NFL sports franchise valued at just over 3 billion dollars and the second of any sport only after Real Madrid, which is almost 4 billion dollars.

The “Dallas Cowboys” that stand out for their good physical appearance, the quality of their dance routines and the striking of their clothes, generate for the team an income of over $ 1 million per year.

It is clear that there is a strategy in how to select the ‘Cheerleaders’ by their appearance and physical wellness, in which they emphasize that they are thin women, with a stylized body, always in a limit very far from being exuberant and very close to a more common or earthly beauty.

They are a registered trademark, with their own image, a logo, millions of followers and an aspirational element for millions of girls, who dream of being part of this team.  

They have a positioning and elements that identify them as their attractive choreography.

The fame of the “Dallas Cowboys” shot up with the transmissions of the parties throughout the United States. For example, at country music festivals where they participate regularly, have the presence in camps, carry out social action programs visiting hospitals and a lot of diffusion of their routines and training plans.

As the main sources of income for the ‘Dallas Cowboys’ is the sale of souvenirs with the brand ‘Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ such as uniforms, clothing, beauty accessories, pompoms, etc.

Each year they launch their famous swimwear calendar that sells thousands of pieces. During the summer they call a camp for auditions of girls who aspire to be part of the cast and for which they must pay more than 100 dollars to participate.

About half of their income comes from personal presentations at particular events and others more related to the strength of the brand as sponsorships.

In the United States, there is a whole industry of “Cheerleading” inspired by these professional groups and followed by more than 3 million girls and young cheerleaders who participate in sporting events and artistic competitions between schools and groups.

This industry generates for some companies revenues of 150 million dollars each, mainly dedicated to selling uniforms, choreography guides, beauty items, backpacks, pompoms and everything necessary.