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This New Innovation Will Allow You To Charge Cell Phones With Wi-Fi?

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A new invention would allow using Wifi to charge the battery of mobile phones. Wifi is the new solution so that the mobile phone is always charged. Envision the occasions on the day that you link at home or work to a Wi-Fi network: what might occur if at any time your smart-phone can improve the battery via Wife signals? Cell Phones With Wi-Fi

The equivalent is proposed by the Spanish specialist Tomas Palacios, from the group of analysts from the Mechanical Organization of Massachusetts (MIT), with an initial, absolutely adaptable gadget.

No more dependence on traditional battery: The cell phone could be charged via Wifi.  Another advantage is that with this type of devices energy would be collected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Depending on the model, the brand and the use that is given to you, it is very likely that in the middle of the day you will lose your mobile phone. This is a situation that can be serious if you are in an emergency situation.

But that may be an episode that is being forgotten by Spanish researchers, who developed a device that promises to end this problem and revolutionize the digital future by obtaining energy from the Wi-Fi signal.

So far, the battery charge using Wifi has a closeness of 3 centimeters, allowing only the cell phone’s screen to light. It is an option that will be expanded, anticipating an even more connected future.

It is a little gadget equipped for changing the electromagnetic influxes of Wifi into power to charge the battery of cell phones, PCs and a wide range of sensors and wearable innovation, (for example, smart watches).

The battery of smartphones often produces great headaches either because it ends too quickly or because you have to charge it and a nearby plug is not located.

This new proposal created by the Spanish engineer Tomas Palacios and his team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) gives the possibility of charging a Smartphone in just a few seconds by connecting to the Wi-Fi. However, it has not been officially released in the market yet and many are waiting for it.

It is a small device that is responsible for transforming the electromagnetic waves generated by the Wifi into electricity that serves to charge not only mobile phones but also computers, tablets, and other electronic devices.

Previously this idea had been proposed leading to the creation of ground antennas, which also use Wi-Fi signals to charge electronic devices.

New Innovation Will Allow You To Charge Cell Phones With Wi-Fi

But the novelty of this new device is that it is really flexible and does not require large structures to use it.

Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) has been the material used by Palacios and his team. It is characterized by being a semiconductor and one of the finest that exist.

The operation of the device is simple: Its operation is simple; the antenna takes the signal emitted by the Wifi and moves it to the device where the semiconductor material is located. There the signal begins to move through the material converting the waves into electricity that charges the batteries.

This system can be used for medicine: Moreover, this is not all, specialists have detected that this invention could be used for medicine. That is, develop pills so that they can be ingested and through the collected data perform medical diagnoses.

In this case, the batteries could not be used to recharge the pills because they release lithium which would be very harmful to health, but using the energy from the environment would be an excellent alternative to load the small pills.

In the experiments, it was possible to know that this device can produce about 40 microwatts of power with the normal levels of the Wi-Fi signal, which is necessary to at least turn on the mobile screen.