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Cathy Goodman: Everything You Need To Know About Wife Of Tony Hawk

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Cathy Goodman

Being a wife of the skateboarder icon Tony hawk gave Cathy Goodman the spotlight in the media. Catherine Goodman’s husband Tony hawk is known to introduce the new sports on the map in early 1990s.

He is well known for his legendary tricks and evolved a madcap trick as vertical skateboarding which became a new form of sport in the world. Overall this means Tony hawk has experienced a very stable and amazing career but when it comes to relationships, Hawk has experienced some heartbreaks, unfortunately.

Tony Hawk has married four times which is why Catherine Goodman is in the spotlight as the one who has the best relationship with him. It seems like Tony hawk has found his soulmate and a permanent partner.

Cathy Goodman’s age, education and nationality

Cathy Goodman has turned 60 years old and she was born on 14th May 1961 in London. She is British and has UK nationality and also completed her high school studies in UK. 

But instead of going to college, she was more into punk rock in the 80s and also liked skating while spending most of her teenage years going to shows downtown.

Her career choice was to become a theater and film producer and recently she has been working on a live musical theatre show which has live skating in it.

The show is called “slam” and will debut when the theater industry will reopen. Catherine Bennett shook is the mother of Cathy Goodman who is a native of Michigan. 

She grew up in Detroit Bloomfield while still in that punk rock era. Cathy is also a sister of two older brothers. Goodman lost her mother in law who is Tony hawk’s mother due to Alzheimer’s on 19th December.

Cathy Goodman biography

Cathy Goodman biography

Goodman’s educational and career events have been interesting as she studied From 1972 to 1979 in London at Queen’s College.

She also attended Camberwell school of arts and crafts which is also located in London and she went there right after studying at Queens college which is from 1979 to 1984. 

Cathy did not end her studies there and decided to be a part of the Royal Academy school where she won a medal in 1987 Of Royal Academy. 

After these amazing educational and career events,  at the National Portrait Gallery, she won the best portrait award in 2002.

Katie Goodman has been in four solo art exhibitions of her own.  In 1988 the Cadogan contemporary Fine art in London was her very first solo exhibition. And the other three exhibitions were held between 1990 to 1995.

Goodman also had a part in two person show in 2004 at Marlborough Fine art with David Dawson in London. For the survey of contemporary drawing in art was held at Kandal Abbott hall art gallery which was in 2006 and Cathy Goodman was invited To take part in it. 

After two years she also took part in a solo stage exhibition in 2008 at Marlborough fine art in London. In the same year, she was asked to be a judge on  Hung quartered and drawn which was held at the Tower of London.

Cathy Goodman is widely and famously known for being the artistic director of the Prince’s Drawing school on the art scene of London.

It is a  charitable private art school in the east end while she lives in the same country and is represented by Marlborough fine art. Meanwhile, Cathy Goodman was also appointed as the Administrator of the national art gallery by the Prime Minister In 2009 which is an honor to have.

CathyGoodman and Tony hawk marriage

CathyGoodman and Tony hawk marriage

At Adare Manor hotel Cathy Goodman got married to Tony Hawk in a beautiful black lacy gown which was untraditional and unique. Hawk was wearing a black suit and together they looked phenomenal.

Not only this but the bride also had a golden headpiece while she was holding onto a bouquet of red roses. Not to forget that this was Tony hawk’s fourth marriage while they started dating in 2011. 

The start of the relationship was based on a very rocky situation because right before dating Tony, Cathy just got divorced from Matt Goodman who is also a very close friend of Hawks. 

What’s more sad is that they were together for almost 20 years which is crazy and the fact that Matt Goodman was completely okay with his close friend marrying his ex-wife.

To marry Cathy Goodman, Tony hawk left his third wife and explained in several interviews that he and his fourth wife Cathy have a very deep connection with each other and have a common understanding of parenting style and how they approach life.

Cathy Goodman and Tony Hawk kids

Ever since Cathy and Tony have gotten married they have not had their own kids but the kids that they have from their past relationships are being taken care by them as parents.

Tony hawk considers Cathy Goodman’s kids as his own and they both have the very same way of parenting which makes them a great couple. Miles and Calvin are the names of Cathy Goodman’s kids from a previous marriage.

The whole family has been spending their summer time in their house in  Detroit. They also owned a house in Woodbridge which was recently sold in 2019.

Tony Hawk has six kids from all of his previous marriages. His firstborn is a boy from his first wife Cindy Dunbar and Just like Tony hawk his first born is also into skateboarding which shows how good of a father he has been in terms of having a great bonding with his children in spite of his failed marriages he has proven to be a good father.

Tony Hawks’s past relationships

Tony married his first wife Cindy Dunbar in 1990 from which he has his first born named Hudson Riley Hawk. Hudson is 28 years old now and is more into street style skateboarding, unlike his father who is a professional in vertical skateboarding.

Tony’s first born also became amateur of the year in Skateboarder magazines in 2013 while he was 21 years old. 

Baker and Lakai were his sponsors at that time. Tony Hawk has also launched his video game series where Hudson has an appearance. Tony Hawks pro skater HD 1, 2 and 5 are the names of the video game series.

Tony married Erin Lee after divorcing Cindy Hudson. His second wife Erin gave birth to two kids Spencer And Keegan who are 21 and 20 now.

Erin’s first born turned out to be the producer of electronic music while Keegan is studying photography in college. Although Tony and Erin’s marriage did not last long and they separated after two years of clashes and misunderstandings.

After that, Hawk married his ex-publicist Lhotse Merriam and they have a daughter together whose name is kadence Clover Hawk who is now a 12-year-old. 

Cathy’s ex-husband Matt Goodman

Cathy’s ex-husband Matt Goodman

The most interesting part about Tony and Cathy’s marriage is that Cathy’s ex-husband is Tony’s best friend. This is not the only surprising thing and the best part is that Matt has no grudge against his former partner.

He even said that he had suspected for them to be in a relationship even before his best friend confessed to having feelings for his ex-wife.

Matt Goodman is an actor and worked with his best friend Tony hawk in the past. They were business partners for a short time and Matt had been a groomsman in all three of Hawk’s weddings. Both of them are still good friends and wish each other good luck in life. 

Matt Goodman had two kids with Cathy which are pretty close to Tony Hawk also and they live like a happy family. 

Net worth of Cathy’s husband

Cathy’s husband Tony Hawk has a net worth of over $140 million which is not a surprise as he is the founder of Birdhouse which is a skateboarding company.

The value of his net worth should not be a surprise as he runs the most successful skateboarding company and has released video game series which earned him a good amount of money. 

For someone who is basically the icon of vertical skateboarding, it is likely to have such a great net worth.

When someone is a legend in skateboarding they also release merch and clothing lines and they are huge part of his income including the profit from video game series.

Cathy’s husband has also made a lot of investments in tech companies and coffee chains also. Reportedly, Hawk also owns a Tesla Model S in which he drives his family around and also owns multiple properties in different states.

Tony Hawk’s injury in 2020

The 52 year old skateboarder had to rush into the hospital due to a severe injury in 2020 June which required him to cut off his wedding ring. basically, he got his finger injured during skateboarding and the doctors had to cut the ring off so that they can relocate the bone in his finger.

Hudson had to rush his father to the hospital who is also a professional skateboarder and they are both familiar with injuries that happen during the sport.

This is not the first time Tony Hawk has gotten into a serious injury because in 2011 he got injured in Florida and lost his front tooth. Considering he is literally a vertical skateboarder which is the hardest form of skateboarding,  the injuries that he’s getting are way smaller than expected.

Tony Hawk is very passionate about his work and career which we can clearly see by the way he has been successful all these years and still is as good as he was before. Tony Hawk’s first born Hudson Riley has the greatest mentor because he’s also into skateboarding while his father is the legend of vertical skateboarding.

Cathy Goodman’s art and influences

As described earlier that Cathy Goodman has an artistic personality and she has chosen a career based on art and has won quite a few awards in her career.

Her painting style is mostly based on physicality and portrait drawing where she has also won an award for best portrait in 2002. 

The portrait that she drew in 2002 took two years to paint and it was admired by the judges and the audience showing how passionate Goodman can be when it comes to art. Cathy Goodman describes herself as someone who can paint very fast and she takes a lot of time when emphasizing the angles when she is recreating a picture. 

She explains that it is important for her to draw Something from a three-dimensional life to a 2 dimensional picture or a drawing. 

It is clear that her painting style is unique and is recognized by the world which gave her the identity that she has today.

She is not only known as the legendary skateboarding champion Tony hawk’s wife but also as an amazing artist who has made her mark on people’s hearts by her paintings and her artistic directions.

She had recently worked as an associate producer on a TV series called Intimate session. The TV series that she has worked on gives off the same vibes because she was also found in Volume one of ****** confessions and red letters.

She is also reportedly working on the next live show called slam which was shut down due to pandemic and it is confirmed that she will give an appearance with her husband Tony hawk. Both Tony Hawk’s and Cathy Goodman’s fans are waiting impatiently for the live show.