Carl Ellan Kelley: Daughter Of C.L. Franklin

Carl Ellan Kelley: Daughter Of C.L. Franklin

C. L. Franklin is the father of Carl Ellan Kelley, Carl Ellan Kelley’s father, was a civil rights activist and American Baptist clergyman in the United States. 

Franklin was the pastor of the New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan, from 1946 until he was shot and wounded in 1979. He was known as the guy with the “Million-Dollar Voice,” and remained there until 1979.

Quick Facts

NameCarl Ellan Kelley
Famous as daughter of C. L. Franklin
BirthdayNovember 17, 1940
Age79 years old at the time of her death
Date of DeathJanuary 30, 2019
Zodiac signScorpio
Parents Father- C. L. Franklin, Mother- Mildred Jennings
Siblings Erma Franklin, Carolyn Franklin, Aretha Franklin, Rev. Cecil Franklin

Childhood & Early life

Carl  was born in the United States of America on November 17, 1940. His full name is Carl Ellan Kelley. Carl’s father is C.L. Franklin, and his mother is Mildred Jennings. Carl’s middle name is Franklin. 

She is only daughter of her father, and she is of mixed racial and national origins. Carl’s father also only has one daughter. 

She has four siblings, Aretha Franklin, Erma Franklin, Carolyn Franklin, and Reverend Cecil Franklin. 

Her parents were both named Franklin. Franklin, also known as the “Man with the Million-Dollar Voice,” was the pastor of Detroit, Michigan’s New Bethel Baptist Church, from 1946 until he was shot and seriously injured in 1979.

She , born while Franklin was serving as the pastor of Memphis, Tennessee’s New Salem Baptist Church, was the last of his children to survive him. Franklin was shot and seriously injured in 1979. 

Her mother was Mildred Jennings, who attended C.L. Church. On January 30, 2019, she was 79 years old, passed away. There is not a single reference to the reason for her passing anywhere.

About Carl Ellan Kelley academic background, there is no information available regarding the schools she attended or the subjects she majored in. 


The field of business that Carl Ellan Kelley is involved in is unknown to everyone. She does not appear to have a profession or a personal life, according to the information that is currently available. 

The other half of Carl Ellan Kelley’s sibling relationship, Aretha Louise Franklin was an American singer, songwriter, and pianist. 

Rolling Stone magazine has placed Franklin twice in the ninth spot on its list of the greatest performers of all time.

While her father, Franklin, began his ministry as a travelling preacher when he was only 16 years old, he eventually found a permanent home at the New Salem Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee, 

where he served as a pastor until May 1944. After that, he uprooted his life and moved to Buffalo, New York, to become the pastor of the Friendship Baptist Church. He remained in that role until June 1946. 

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, he began to achieve a greater degree of prominence. As he was travelling the country speaking, he continued to serve in the pulpit at New Bethel. 

Until the 1970s, Franklin, commonly referred to as “the Man with the Million Dollar Voice,” would broadcast a number of recorded sermons on the radio every Sunday. 

Joe Von Battle’s JVB label was responsible for producing and distributing these records.

Carl Ellan Kelley: Relationship status

Those who are not a part of Carl Ellan Kelly’s tight circle do not have any insight into her connections. 

Due to her desire for seclusion, not much information is available about her current or previous lovers. 

She has likely been married at some point in the past; however, she may also choose not to discuss her personal life in public.

In any event, Carl is quite proud that she keeps a very modest profile and chooses to concentrate on her artwork rather than trying to attract the media’s attention.

Who is C. L. Franklin Father of Carl Ellan Kelley?

Clarence LaVaughn Franklin was a civil rights activist and clergyman for the Baptist church in the United States. 

Franklin, also known as the man with the “Million-Dollar Voice,” served as the New Bethel Baptist Church pastor in Detroit from 1946 until 1979, when he was shot and wounded. 

In 1979, he died of his wounds. Aretha Franklin, an American singer and composer, had her father as her musical inspiration. 

Franklin was her father. Vaughn Franklin, Erma Franklin, Cecil Franklin, Carolyn Franklin, and Carol Ellan were some of his further offspring. He was also the father of five other children.

Clarence LaVaughn Walker was the son of Willie and Rachel Walker, both of whom worked as sharecroppers in Bolivar County, Mississippi, United States. Franklin was born there.

When C. L. Franklin’s father returned from serving in World War I in 1919, the only thing he did for him was teaching him how to salute. 

This was the only thing C. L. Franklin’s father did for him. When Clarence was just four years old, Clarence Walker’s father, Willie Walker, left the family. 

Who is Mildred Jennings, Mother of Carl Ellan Kelley?

Mildred Jennings was a very spiritual person in many aspects of her life. Her pastor described her as a “wonderful Christian” who was actively involved in the activities of the congregation in which they worshipped. 

Her five adult children had all grown up to be successful people. Reverend Jones had recently relocated from a more urban location to this more rural one, so he was still getting acclimated to his new surroundings. 

Mildred began to fill him in on the specifics of her marriage and her life at home after he had been ministering in this location for around three months. 

After a short amount of time, he came to the conclusion that her cheerful demeanour and pleasant smile were merely masks for the inner turmoil and dissatisfaction that she was experiencing. 

Things were not at all what they appeared to be on the surface. In spite of the fact that her husband, Russell, was an extremely authoritarian figure.

The majority of members of the church had the opinion that she was a fairly even-keeled individual. He hankered after a position of authority and prominence. 

He was always taking out loans to slake his appetite for expensive luxury goods like flashy cars and electronic gadgets. This was driving the family deeper and deeper into debt with each passing day.

Net Worth

The occupation of Carl Ellan Kelley has not been disclosed, and as a result, the question of how much money she has continues to be shrouded in mystery. 

Even though many months have passed since the rumours began to circulate, the situation has not changed. 

According to what has been discovered, her paternal grandfather, C. L. Franklin, is a well-known preacher who is reported to have a net worth of 2 million dollars.


Carl Ellan Kelley was enigmatic and led a life cloaked in mystery. Her mother, Carl Franklin, was the youngest of four children, and her father.

C.L. Franklin, and her mother, Mildred Jennings, met each other while attending the same church in Memphis, Tennessee.

It is claimed that Carl’s relationship with her half-sister Aretha Louise Franklin influenced her life goals, which included pursuing a career in the arts. 

Although the circumstances behind Carl Ellan Kelley’s passing remain a mystery to this day, we know that he was a remarkable person who rose beyond his low beginnings to achieve great success despite his struggles.