Is C. L. Franklin Daughter Carl Ellan Kelley Alive Or Dead?

carl ellan kelley

Carl Ellan Kelley is the daughter of C. L. Franklin. Notably, her father, Franklin Kelley, was an esteemed civil rights advocate and American Baptist clergyman.

With dedication, he served as the esteemed pastor of New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan, from 1946, leaving an indelible impact on the community.

Unfortunately, his remarkable journey was marred when he was tragically shot and wounded in 1979, a moment that shook the entire congregation.

Despite this horrific incident, Franklin’s resilience and unwavering commitment to his faith remained steadfast, earning him the endearing title of the “Man with the Million-Dollar Voice.”

Regrettably, a profound sense of tragedy struck the Franklin family once again when Carl Ellan Kelley, the beloved daughter of civil rights pioneer C.L. Franklin, met an untimely demise in a mysterious accident, further compounding the family’s sorrow.

The details surrounding this unfortunate event still remain shrouded in mystery, casting a somber shadow over their lives.

Carl Ellan Kelley’s early life: 

Carl Ellan Kelley was born to C.L. Franklin and Mildred Jennings in the United States on November 17, 1940.

He was the only daughter among his four siblings, Erma Franklin, Carolyn Franklin, Aretha Franklin, and Rev. Cecil Franklin. C.L. was the New Bethel Baptist Church pastor in Detroit from 1946 until he was shot and seriously injured in 1979.

Carl was born during his father’s tenure as the New Salem Baptist Church pastor in Memphis, Tennessee.

She was the last of his four children to survive his father’s legacy since his mother, Mildred Jennings, was a young person at C.L.’s church when they eventually got married and had Carl in 1940.

Siblings of Carl Ellan Kelley

Erma Franklin, Carolyn Franklin, Vaughn Franklin, Aretha Franklin, and Rev. Cecil Franklin were siblings of Carl.

Even though very little is known about Kelley’s personal life due to her familial ties, she is frequently cited in searches about the Franklin family.

Carl Ellan Kelley’s education

Carl studied psychology at the University of Michigan and received his degree there. She continued after that to pursue a career in the music profession. Carl was acting as a promoter and talent manager.

She also has success as a producer and songwriter.

The professional career of Carl

Carl Ellan Kelley chose to be in the music industry. Although nothing is known about her professional life, it is possible that Aretha Louise Franklin, her half-sister, and a well-known singer, songwriter, and pianist, served as an inspiration.

Her father, Frank Kelley, had modest beginnings as an itinerant preacher despite Aretha’s ascent to prominence.

He settled at the New Salem Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee, before relocating to the Friendship Baptist Church in Buffalo, New York, where he steadily rose in stature.

Carl Ellan Kelley’s personal life

People outside Carl Ellan Kelly’s inner group are still in the dark about her relationships.

Her desire to keep secrets has stopped her present and former relationships from being easily identified.

She might have been married at one point or wanted to keep her private affairs private. 

According to a few resources, it is revealed that she had two children named Charles G. Smith and Herman E. Wheatley.

In any event, Carl takes pride in keeping a modest profile and concentrating on her life instead of attracting media attention.

Carl Ellan’s height, weight, & date of birth

Images of Carl Ellan give the impression that she was the ideal height and weight, even though his exact height and weight are unknown. Her fully black hair and stunning eyes catch the eye, as does her mature outlook.

Based on her birthdate, Carl is believed to have been born under the Scorpio zodiac sign.

If she had survived to see this day, Carl Kelley would have turned 82 in 2022; sadly, she died at 79.

Carl Ellan Kelley net worth

Even after months of rumors, Carl Ellan’s profession is still a mystery, contributing to the ongoing intrigue around her net worth.

It has been established that C L Franklin, her father, is a well-known preacher with a reputed net worth of $2 million.

However, no information about Carl Ellan’s fame or wealth outside her prominent family is available. 

Death of Carl Ellan Kelley

At age 78, she passed away on January 30, 2019. The public was kept in the dark for a long time about the reason behind her death.

Recent sources state that a heart attack caused Kelley’s death. Her body was discovered at her residence on January 30, 2019. She battled heart issues before she passed away. 

Interesting facts about Carl Ellan Kelly 

Carl Ellan was a notable person because of her tight ties to her family and her extraordinary achievements in life.

She was raised with four siblings as the daughter of civil rights activist Reverend C.L. Franklin, despite the tragedy of losing her mother at an early age.

Carl Ellan was born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio, which expert observers can use to explain certain elements of her personality and temperament even at 82.

It is a privilege to consider Carl’s outstanding personal life and career accomplishments, even though she passed away at 79.

In the end 

Carl Ellan was a fascinating person whose life was steeped in mystery. Carl Franklin was the youngest of four children, and her parents, C.L. Franklin and Mildred Jennings, met while attending the same church in Memphis, Tennessee.

It is thought that Carl’s bond with her half-sister Aretha Louise Franklin influenced her life goals as she ran for a career in the arts and achieved it with all determination. 

Carl Ellan Kelly’s cause of death is still a mystery, as her family confirmed nothing. Still, she was an inspirational figure who rose beyond modest beginnings to achieve many wonderful things.