Bubbly Suds Hand Sanitizer: Keeping People Safe During The COVID-19 Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has completely reshaped our lives and the world as a whole. What started off as a small, harmless virus has become a pandemic, killing over half a million people. More than ever, this disease taught us the importance of hygiene and keeping our hands neat and clean at all times to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Thus, there has been a rapid rise in the demand for sanitizers which led to a shortage. Some manufacturers also took this opportunity to exploit people through exorbitant prices, while others have come up with affordable yet effective solutions for those in need. 

An example of such solutions is Bubbly Suds, an up and running brand of personal hygiene products. Bubbly Suds is a family-owned business that was launched recently in June 2020. The brand came about soon after the COVID-19 pandemic led to a shortage of original, good quality hand sanitizers and other hygiene products. Through this brand, the company aims to provide “genuine, high quality, and affordable hygiene supplies” with a special focus on hand sanitizer gel and spray. 

The company was founded by Annie Luong, an impact community convener and the owner of 2 successful ventures, Plant Soap and Bubbly Suds. The young entrepreneur is actively fighting for immigrant children’s rights while running her businesses side by side. According to Annie, the COVID-19 pandemic has taught a lot of lessons, with the most important one being the significance of keeping your hands clean at all times. 

“Our hands come in contact with numerous surfaces and quite a few people throughout the day. It’s imperative that we keep them clean as who knows what germs we might pick up from those surfaces and human contact. Bubbly Suds’ hand sanitizers offer on-the-go hand cleaning with a fresh smell that will leave a long-lasting impression wherever you go,” Annie says.

Bubbly Suds

Currently, Bubbly Suds’ product line consists of alcohol-based hand sanitizers that kill 99.9% of the germs. The sanitizers come in 2 variants: aloe vera-based and lavender-based. According to Annie, people normally don’t pay much attention when buying a hand sanitizer, and just pick whatever is easily available. However, little do they know how much the effectiveness and quality of the product can make a difference. most manufactures are deteriorating the quality of sanitizers to accommodate the low price requests from big retailers but this isn’t the case with Bubbly Suds and perhaps that’s what makes this brand stand apart from the others.

“At Bubbly Suds, we believe that simple practices like washing one’s hands make a huge impact difference; they show how mindful you are about your overall health. The production of our goods is founded on a vision to bridge the gap in the consumer cleaning product quality and pricing, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic,” their website states.

The company is currently focusing on the mass production of hand sanitizers to make them easily available to customers. However, they hope to increase their product range in the near future and include more high-quality yet affordable personal hygiene products such as soaps, shower gels, and more. 

In such turbulent times where hygiene products are the need of the hour, Bubbly Suds is making lives easier by offering great quality hand sanitizers that are reasonably priced and are easily available throughout the U.S. The brand is working on expanding their reach to the EU and Australia too, so soon that part of the world will also be able to take advantage of these aloe and lavender-based hand sanitizers by Bubbly Suds. 

Remember, healthy bodies begin with healthy hands because that’s where your safety lies. Protect yourself and your loved ones with Bubbly Suds’ hand sanitizers.