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How Boss Beez Talks About Reaching To New Heights Of Success At A Very Young Age

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Boss Beez

Bryan “Boss Beez” Pharaon. Founder and CEO of independent management label, Morality Music was born in Haiti, 1997, being raised by a wise woman who taught him and his older brother and his younger brother the meaning of a stronger work ethic and encouraging and teaching the importance of success, came to America in the summer of 2005. Being very fond of music and believing that through the music he can deliver his message and reach heights of success especially by encouraging and thriving for the betterment of the African American hip-hop culture.

Morality music – become a successful leader

Morality Music is an independent Hip-Hop label based in the DC, metropolitan area; established in January, 2017. Morality Music having the aim to commit to doing whatever is necessary to get their artists, employees, and partners to higher levels owning to all their work. Believing that chemistry is essential Bryan tends to work with his team as one Family. He also believes in instilling confidence and growing outside the music industry.  It is believed that music affects the mind, soul and emotions of a person and conveys a message like no other. It helps them feel connected. The team is therefore full of devoted individuals; all pursuing to be the best at what they specialize in.

Music helps connect people

Morality Music believes in encouraging their artists to become leaders. Although the music that is produced or promoted is best suited for every age, Music plays such an influential role in today’s society, people tend to actually connect through music. Therefore the aim of Morality Music is to play important roles in the community, and remain socially active. Supporting all kinds of determined, motivated, and persistent artists it is hoped to build the brand/ network, through professionalism, legitimacy, respect, work ethic, morality, and creativity.

Biggest achievement

Bryan believes that his biggest achievement is setting a solid base for his business. To many it may not be their biggest achievement but to Bryan establishing a foundation for his brand is what matters the most. Converting his business into an official LLC which he believes would help him in growing proficiently and professionally.


Bryan was mostly inspired by his father who was well-respected radio personnel in Haiti. He grew up watching his father interact with celebrities and the biggest music stars and artists in the country. Watching his father being the boss of himself is what inspired Bryan to be an entrepreneur. Approaching everything with an optimistic attitude Bryan believes that he can become a multi-billionaire in no time and there’s nothing that is going to stop him from reaching his aim. Bryan is confident and aims to earn everything that his father earned times 50.

Bryan and his family came from royalty in Haiti to the lower class in America. Bryan is mostly inspired from Hip-hop pioneers like Clarance Avant, Jay-Z, Diddy, and J Prince who started from ZERO and now have become kings of Hip-Hop music. This is what inspires him and he believes that he’s going to do a long way.

What makes Bryan different

Producing music is not that easy. The struggle is real and there are many hurdles to overcome. Bryan believes that what makes him different is his confidence, his ability to communicate, delegate and to motivate. He believes that having a positive attitude opens many roads. Communication is the key to build good networking. Bryan believes in being open about one’s weaknesses is not something to be ashamed of. He believes in talking the talk and walking the walk.

The struggle is real

Bryan’s brand is based upon who he is as a person. Being very transparent and straight forward Bryan does not hesitate whilst sharing about his struggles and the obstacles that he has faced in life and also posting his blooper videos. He believes in learning and improving but showing progress in the end. Being his own true self is what he believes is important to grow.