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female entrepreneurs association

While men and women approach business in a slightly different way, the explosive growth in the number of women-owned businesses in the past decade bears witness to a non-traditional management style.

Women entrepreneurs describe their businesses in family terms and see their business relationships as a network of contacts. This “personal touch” is what often motivates employee productivity. However, the weak point is that they lack policies and procedures that are clearly established.

Women have the ability to balance different tasks and priorities. In business, for oneself or for someone else, the ability to be flexible and adaptable is a clear advantage today, when everyone is expected to perform multiple tasks.

Female entrepreneurs tend to establish relationships with clients and employees, taking control of their own destiny and doing something they consider valuable. We spend most of our lives in our work. If our work and our personal values are not in harmony, sooner or later they conflict. Women entrepreneurs have used this internal conflict as a motivation to create the lifestyle they want.

Women entrepreneurs, in general, are more similar to each other than the working population in general. Compared to the general population, businesswomen and entrepreneurs tend to be more logical and analytical in the way they make decisions, regardless of whether they are men or women.

WA4STEAM is an association of women investors seeking projects with a female presence in science and technology.  

WA4STEAM: An association of business angels created exclusively by women to support entrepreneurial science and engineering projects that have women among their founders or on the steering committee. That is the fundamental objective of WA4STEAM, of the acronym STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) plus art to create a brand of investors that focuses on innovation and women’s knowledge in the areas that have the greatest future for the economy of any country.

Women who support projects in which there is a greater presence of women and who do it from another position (that of business angels) in which there are also many references in any country and abroad. Moreover, they have the conviction that making women working in these fields visible makes an effect called for other women who until now have very few references on which to draw inspiration.

The association’s own president, Regina Llopis, is a clear example of an entrepreneur STEAM. She is president and one of the founders of Group AIA, advanced computing applications or, in other words, a company that applies innovation and knowledge to solve technological challenges. She is a doctor in applied mathematics to artificial intelligence and a specialist in leadership in general, and in the world of women in particular. In 2017, she received the Ada Byron prize for women technologists.

The association already has 31 members and aspires to reach a number of 300 in a year. To participate in the project there is no obligation to invest, although the ideal is to provide a minimum ticket of one thousand Euros; the average per member is 15,000 Euros. It is important that there is a commitment to get involved in the projects since they do not want to be a mere financing instrument. WA4STEAM also want to offer support and advice to women who have developed an investigation and want to take it forward as a company.

In the months they have been active, they have already supported these four projects:

Spotlab: it is a firm that develops telemedicine solutions. A spin-off of the Polytechnic University of Madrid specializing in simple low-cost technology solutions applied to global health problems such as diabetes, cancer, Ebola or Zika.

Enzymlogic: a company specializing in enzymology and protein engineering aimed at the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology projects, to help them develop more effective and safe medicines that improve the quality of life of people.

Marble: a platform that helps to know and share information about consumer behavior in the points of sale thanks to big data.

Artig Gallery: an online created art gallery focused on emerging artists.