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Being An Entrepreneur & Leader At The Same Time? Possibilities & Success Stories

Being An Entrepreneur & Leader At The Same Time Possibilities & Success Stories

Is there any relation between leadership and entrepreneurship? What characteristics should a leader meet and which of them are common in an entrepreneur? The common area: to have the capacity to inspire others, with or without rear power.

A leader, according to the dictionary, is a person with command or influence authority. However, that explanation is quite deficient. It is very easy to give orders and get them obeyed when you are superior in the chain of command, but the key is in those who, without having that hierarchical superiority, get others to share their vision and follow them.

An example is a football or basketball player who, without wearing the captain’s armband, is able to make his teammates follow him.

The strength to influence consists of three ingredients. The first of these is awareness, which means knowing that actions always have an effect. The secondary factor is the capacity in terms of interaction, dispute resolution and conclusion making. And the last one is the commitment with their ideas, which implies making decisions that may not always be liked by everyone and dealing with their consequences.

Vision, personality, honesty, persistence & being a worker, there are many qualities that are usually attributed to leaders, so it is sometimes difficult to identify them with all these adjectives. However, having the ability to influence another person is a clear leadership capacity.

The dilemma is that knowledge has always been based on very unyielding structures, making it appear that each person fits within the role of the organization chart, considering that there are leaders and followers.  All this makes the leader’s standard so high that very few people see themselves with that profile. However, any professional can develop this skill as long as they have the proper training, have a passion for their work and surround themselves with a good support group. We must think of ourselves as leaders.

A special kind of leadership

An example of an Entrepreneur and leader at the same time is Ludwick Marishane. While spending time with his friends, one of them commented on the need to take a second shower due to the enormous heat. This need illuminated this 18-year-old South African who wrote the business plan for what is now known as the ‘dry bath’.  

With it, he won a prize of $ 10,000 and became the youngest person in his country to register a patent. Today he is president of the company that manufactures this product, which can be distributed in areas of the world where there is no water and allows the prevention of many diseases.

In figures such as Ludwick Marishane, the common characteristics of a leader and an entrepreneur are observed, such as the vision of the future, dedication and the ability to work. Another entrepreneurial leader, Steve Jobs, spoke in an interview about how difficult it is to create a company?

Because, apart from having to have adequate training, it requires a constant and intense relationship with other people and knowing how to choose the collaborators that can make the company is successful or is a failure.

In fact, the founder of Apple said that success depends, to a large extent, on the people you surround yourself with, of which your qualifications, your intelligence and, above all, if they are delivered or not is important.

Entrepreneurs own ability & that is their ability to adapt. The entrepreneur does not always know where he wants to go and sometimes new paths are opened to explore. To take advantage of them, you must keep an open mind.

It is quite common among entrepreneurs to change their business model because the idea they had imagined does not work in practice.

This ability to recognize mistakes and adapt to real circumstances makes the difference between the success and failure of a business. A failure that, on the other hand, does not have the same meaning in this profile of leaders, since they know that behind each failure there is an important lesson that brings them closer to success.