Aubrey Kingsbury Parents Witnessing History In The World Cup”

Aubrey Kingsbury Parents Witnessing History In The World Cup

As dedicated parents to Aubrey Kingsbury, a formidable goalkeeper for the Washington Spirit in the National Women’s Soccer League, Char and Paul express their immense pride. 

The Bledsoe family eagerly awaits the kickoff, recognizing Aubrey’s relentless efforts to secure her spot on Team USA. 

According to Paul, “She’s been working so hard just to get on the team. And to be a part of the World Cup and to see that pay off? It’s just incalculable.”

The excitement builds as Aubrey Kingsbury prepares to face Vietnam at New Zealand’s iconic Eden Park, a venue that surpasses even Yankee Stadium in capacity. 

Aubrey Kingsbury Parents

Bledsoe family plans to savor the initial matches surrounded by friends and family in Cincinnati before embarking on a journey to Australia and New Zealand, ensuring they witness every moment of their daughter’s historic achievement.

Offering heartfelt advice to Aubrey before the tournament, Char Bledsoe encourages her daughter to embrace the experience fully. “Just enjoy the moment. Look around. Have a great time,” she advises, underscoring the importance of savoring every aspect of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


In a message filled with pride and steadfast support, Char and Paul Bledsoe express their love for their goalkeeper daughter, Aubrey Kingsbury. “We love you, and we’re really proud of you,” they convey. 

As Aubrey steps onto the world stage of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, her family stands by, ready to celebrate a journey marked by dedication, hard work, and the fulfillment of a cherished dream. 

Join the Bledsoe family in celebrating AUBREY KINGSBURY’s remarkable achievements at the pinnacle of women’s soccer.