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Ashton Meem Net Worth, Career History, Personal Relationships & Marital Status

Ashton Meem Now
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Some get their popularity through their constant effort, while some achieve it through their connections. 

Ashton Meem is one of those ladies who got fame when she became the wife of the famous man “Russell Wilson,” And again, she became famous when they got separated. 

Since their secondary school days, the lovebirds have been dating, and it didn’t take long to transform into something meaningful. 

Moreover, the couple got married in 2012 and continued through two years together. Also, on those occasions, Ashton got a ton of press coverage as she was the spouse of perhaps the best possibility in the NFL. 

Tragically, this fantasy story didn’t have pleasant perfection. The two-headed out in different directions suddenly. 

Let’s begin with Ashton Meem and find out about her initial life, profession, total assets, age, height, personal connections, and social media. 

Early Life and Education of Ashton Meem

Ashton Meem was born to Lang Meem and Molly Meem, on September 6, 1987, in Richmond, Virginia, the United States of America. 

Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson

There isn’t a lot of data in views of her childhood life. Henceforth, we can’t make sure of her parents’ concerns. 

Through long periods of challenging work, we had the option to discover that the 33-year-old magnificence went to St. Catherine High School in her old neighbourhood. 

Indeed, her future ex “Russel Wilson” was additionally an understudy of secondary school. 

What’s more, it is here where the two met each other and began their relationship. Getting back to the subject, in the wake of moving on from secondary school, Ashton joined the University of Georgia. 

However, Meem chose to move to North Carolina State University as her husband Russell was playing there. 

Career History of Ashton Meem

Having graduated with a communication degree, it should not shock anyone that Ashton chose to join the promoting business. 

Meem landed her first position as a record chief at Richmond-based Morton Consulting in 2011. 

Consequently, she worked there for specific years before continuing and joining the American Family Insurance organization. 

As of now, she works in promoting tasks and is incredibly content with her life by all accounts. 

Ashton Meem age and Beauty Features

Meem was brought into the world in 1987, which makes her age 33 years as of now. According to the excellent looks and charming natural coloured eyes, one would be forgiven for imagining this magnificence in her mid-20s. 

Besides, Ashton remains at 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 53 kgs. Moreover, her dazzling body figure is featured in her different web-based media posts and paparazzi pictures. 

Ashton Meem Net Worth 

Starting in 2021, Ashton is accepted to have huge total assets of $4 million accumulated essentially through her separation from NFL star Russel Wilson. 

Even though Meem herself has her own few organizations, she got a massive piece of her fortune as a settlement from her separation from Russel. 

Moreover, Wilson has a total asset of $135 million, which is impressive. Hence, we feel that the separation settlement didn’t hurt the 31-year-old quarterback that much. 

Additionally, Russel signed a long-term $140 million agreement with the Seattle Seahawks in 2019. 

It additionally incorporated a record $65 million keeping reward and $107 million in secured cash in general. 

Personal Relationships of Ashton Meem

Discussing her love life, Ahston is very secretive as we don’t know whether she has a lover. Meem was associated with a very high-profile relationship with probably the best quarterback in the NFL, Russell Wilson. 

Besides, the couple met each other when they were in secondary school. From that point forward, the two lovers dated through six long years dating before settling the bond in 2012. However, it was that same year that Wilson got selected into the NFL. 

From that point, just going through two years together, Russell appealed for a separation because of unknown reasons.

Moreover, the two got separated and have continued from that point forward. 

Russell Wilson and Ciara

Many fans were dismal regarding the split between Russell and Ashton; in any case, before long, the NFL player evoked an emotional response from pop diva Ciara. 

The explanation may be the average disaster story they shared. Both emerged from a passionate relationship back in 2014. 

While Wilson sought legal separation from his first spouse and school darling, Ashton Meem, in April, Ciara broke her commitment with rapper Future in December. 

Wilson and Ciara connected at the side as a couple interestingly at a White House state supper to pay tribute to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. 

Indeed, their relationship started on the web as fans went crazy.

In a meeting with The Rock Church situated in San Digo, Wilson discussed their relationship. He affirmed their relationship while additionally reporting their choice to stay simple until marriage. 

“She was on a visit, she was travelling, and I was taking a look at her in the mirror, and she was staying there. God addressed me and said, I want you to lead her, thus I told her at that moment, how might you respond on the off chance that we took all the excess stuff off the table, and did it Jesus way? “

Ashton Meem Dream Wedding

Russell took their relationship to the next stage, started dating for almost a year, and proposed to Ciara during their tour in Seychelles. 

Wilson took this to Instagram and posted a video with the subtitle. She said OK! The pop diva glimmered as she said OK. 

Yet, before they could invest energy as a couple, the two needed to manage Future, Ciara’s ex. As indicated by TMZ, the diva accepted Future may attempt to kill Wilson. 

However, she accepted Future’s Instagram post with a gun emoticon pointed at football emoticon as a reference to Wilson. 

The rapper posted it alongside his lines from the title track Juice. It goes-Tryna f-my child mother, canine, what’s up with you? You gon cause me to get that hotness, I’m pulling up on you. 

Wilson and Ciara secured the bunch at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England, regardless of the rough circumstance. Their fabulous wedding occurred in July 2016, 90 days after their commitment. 

After various friends and family went to their fantastic wedding, the pair reported their pregnancy on October 25, 2016. Additionally, the two invited their girl named Sienna Princess on April 29, 2017. 

After two years, on their third wedding celebration, Wilson indicated needing to have more children. 

Not so much as a year in the wake of proclaiming his desire to be a dad once more, the NFL star declared that Ciara is pregnant with the couple’s second baby. Hence, it will be child number three for Ciara. 

On April 14, 2020, the two used confetti guns, which conveyed blue streams, uncovering the sexual orientation of their child. The beautiful couple invited their infant kid on July 23 and named him Win Harrison Wilson.

Is Ashton Meem Still Married? 

While Wilson is sharing his marriage with Ciara freely, Ashton has stayed unapproachable from the web right now. 

Since Meem’s separation from her secondary school lover, she has kept quiet about her relationship. In addition, a few sources guarantee that Ashton is single and not dating anybody right now.