Amra Nor Jenkins: Daughter of Jeezy And Jeannie Mai 

Amra Nor Jenkins: Daughter of Jeezy And Jeannie Mai 

Amra Nor Jenkins is the baby girl people want to know about these days.  She is the daughter of  Jeezy, and Jeannie Mai. 

The happy news that Jay Wayne Jenkins, also known as Jeezy, and Jeannie Mai are expecting their first child together comes at a wonderful time for the couple in 2014.

At the launch of The Real Season 8 on September 20, Mai displayed her growing baby belly for the audience.

The television host is expecting her first child, while the TV presenter’s spouse already has three children from prior relationships: Jadarius, Shyheim, and Amra. The TV host is expecting her first child.

Fans of Mai were taken aback by the information because it was well known that she had no desire to start a family.

The month of March 2020 saw the couple finally tie the knot. The rapper intended to ask Jeannie while they were on holiday in Vietnam in April 2020. 

Unfortunately, owing to the widespread Covid-19 outbreak, such was not possible.

Reportedly starting their relationship in 2018, the pair made their first public appearance together on the red carpet of the Street Dreamz gala, which was held in support of the rapper’s charitable organisation.

This was the highlight of Amra Nor Jenkins Life let get to know abbott it in details;

Who is this Jeezy guy? Amra Nor Jenkins  Father

 Daughter of Jeezy And Jeannie Mai 

Jeezy is a popular American rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor. He was born Jay Wayne Jenkins on September 28, 1977, in the United States.

He is a well-known rapper as well as a successful businessman. From the early 1990s and the late 2000s, he had widespread acclaim as a public figure. It is impossible to forget the distinctive husky tone of his vocals, which made him famous.

 According to him, this instability in his early life, when he was forced to live with different relatives at different times, had a bad impact on him. 

He has released several studio albums, some of which are “Trap or Die 3,” “Pressure,” and “Church in These Streets.” He has been nominated for a Grammy an impressive four times.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jeezy currently has a net worth of $10 million.

How many kids does Jeezy have?

He as Three kids. Amra Nor Jenkins is his third and younger daughter.

Jadarius Jenkinsh

The oldest of Jeezy’s children is a son named Jadarius.

Tenesha Dykes is the man’s mother. Lil’ Jezzy is the stage name that Jadarius uses when he performs as a rapper.

In 2019, he graduated from Riverwood Academy in Georgia and is currently working on a Bachelor of Arts degree to launch his own clothing business.

Jeezy gave Jadarius, who was turning 18, a brand-new Wrangler Jeep built just for him.

Shyheim Jenkins

Shyheim, in contrast to his brother Jadarius, prefers to stay out of the limelight. Hence not much information is available about him. 

Even his mother’s identity is a mystery at this point. Yet, there are rumours that he shares the same mother as Jadarius.

Amra Nor Jenkins

Amra Nor Jenkins, Jeezy’s daughter, is pictured here. The birth of little Amra took place in February 2014.

Mahi is Mahlet Gebregiorgis, a musician and singer-songwriter who is her mother.

It is good knowledge that Amra’s mother, Mahi, does not get along with Jeezy, and Mahi does everything she can to shield her daughter from the public eye. 

Despite this, he enjoys a healthy relationship with his one and only child, a daughter.

On her first birthday, he shared the following message on Instagram: “From the very first day you were born, I’ve been a better guy, individual, and father.”

You are my source of illumination, my very own moment, and the motivation I need. “Happy Birthday, my angel.”

When did Jeezy become a parent of Jenkins?

In January 2022, Jeezy and his wife Jeannie became parents to their first child.

Jeannie announced on Instagram that they are now the proud parents of “baby Jenkins.”

Jeannie broke the news a few weeks after the baby was born that the couple had become parents to a little girl whom they called Monaco.

In December 2021, the new mother shared on social media about the baby shower that had been thrown for her by her friends and relatives.

“How is it that I’m falling in love all over again, but this time with someone I’ve never even spoken to? Even though Baby J hasn’t arrived yet, God is already bringing our friends and family closer together in a manner that only He can “Jeannie is responsible for the video’s captioning.

“Many thanks to our dear friends who have showered us with such an abundance of affection. And a heartfelt thank you to the only @katrinaselegantevents for transforming our home into a wintry wonderland.”

Relationship of Amra Nor Jenkins Mother and Father

The marriage that Jeezy has entered into with Jeannie is his very first. The engagement took place in 2020, and on April 1, 2021, the couple revealed to Vogue that they had a wedding ceremony in Atlanta in March of the following year.

Due to COVID-19 constraints, the couple only shared a few words during the ceremony. 

On their respective Instagram profiles, Jeezy and Jeannie have posted photos and videos from their wedding ceremony and reception.

During an earlier episode of The Real, Jeannie discussed her relationship with Jeezy. 

She remarked, “Jeezy helped me understand that I’ve never really felt protected in my life, you know? I’ve never had the experience of being completely secure.

She then explained how the traumatic events she had had as a youngster left her feeling insecure even as an adult. 

Jeannie, 43, who is head over heels in love with her new husband, Jeezy, said, “And falling in love with Jeezy, meeting someone who also didn’t feel safe in their life, we began to create a place where our happiness spelt out what safe looked like around us.” 

Jeannie is now married to Jeezy. “And falling in love with Jeezy, meeting someone who also didn’t feel safe in their life,” she added.

Was jeannie mai married before?

Not everyone may know this, but Jeannie has been married before, unlike Jeezy. 

Between the years 2007 and 2018, she was married to the actor and producer Freddy Harteis.

As a result of Jeannie’s comments in the 2019 episode of The Real, it appears that the divorce between the pair was not particularly amicable. She made some unsettling revelations about their breakup.

Jeannie stated, about her previous marriage to Freddy, “I was married to someone who had more money than me, but because I was the stronger earner and we lived in California — a shocking thing slapped me in the face when we divorced and I had to end up paying him my earnings.” Jeannie was referring to the fact that she was the one who had to pay Freddy her earnings after the divorce.

In addition, the co-host of The Real mentioned that the event educated her on the need to “watch out for yourself.”

Linsey Toole, Freddy’s new companion, expressed her displeasure with the comments and accused the television personality of “making up lies.” Yet, Freddy remained unfazed by her criticism.