Alvin Love II: How’s Alvin Married Life and Wedding Pictures?

Alvin Love II How's Alvin Married Life and Wedding Pictures

CeCe Winans, a gospel performer who has won multiple awards, is married to Alvin Love II, her manager.

Not only that, he also co-founded both The CW Entertainment and the PureSprings Gospel record label – both based in Nashville.

Alvin and his wife Cece also serve as pastors at the Nashville Life Church, which the couple founded. He is also active in the Born Again Church, which is the local church he attends in Nashville, Tennessee. 

There, he holds the positions of administrator and licensed pastor. However, there is yet to be any information available on her previous educational experiences.

Nashville Life Church is the name of the congregation that Love II and his wife Cece Winans lead in Nashville, which is located in Tennessee. 

Over six years, the church has called that location home. Many members of that church’s congregation became close and began romantic partnerships throughout their time there.

How old is Alvin Love ii? Alvin love ii age

Alvin Love II came into the world on April 23, 1951. Libra is the zodiac sign that most describes him, and he is 71 years old at this time. He was born and raised in Brentwood, which is located in California. 

When it comes to their personal information, this character is highly discreet. Because of this, Alvin has maintained his silence regarding his family’s manner of life. 

Along these lines, he has not divulged any information concerning the academic groundwork he has laid.

Alvin love ii Height

Alvin stands at a height of 1.75 meters (5 feet 9 inches). He is significantly heavier than what was anticipated. His hair is grey, and his eyes are a drab earthy brown. 

Regrettably, we do not yet know any of his other accurate attributes. Still, Alvin’s photographs give the impression that he is pretty tall.

Whom Alvin Love iii married?

Alvin’s wife is CeCe Winans, a talented gospel artist and Grammy Award winner. The wedding occurred on June 24, 1984, and Love II wed Cece Winans. 

Although there is a significant age gap between the two people in the couple (16 years), they have been married for the past 36 years. In addition, Alvin was thirty-three years old when he first met Cece Winans, who was just seventeen years old at the time.

Here are Alvin’s Love iii wedding pictures

In addition, Love spent the weekend with the Winans family in South Carolina, and the chemistry between them could not be denied. After a courtship lasting under a year, the pair decided to tie the knot. 

In an interview with ‘Christian Women of Today’ in 2008, the team revealed that it took them approximately ten years to figure out the definition of a real marriage and the components that make up a real marriage.

Through the ups and downs of our relationship, I’ve realized that the key to a successful marriage is to love your spouse no matter what. In the same way that Jesus Christ had a deep affection for the church.

Even though we can be obstinate and disobedient at times, Christ continues to be a part of each one of us.

Cece Winans, originally given the name Priscilla Marie Winans when she was born on October 8, 1964, in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, United States of America, will be 56 years old in 2020. 

She was welcomed into the world on October 8th, bearing the zodiac sign of Libra. Since then, her birth anniversary is always remembered on this day each year.

Cece Winans And Alvin Love II Net Worth:

In the year 2020, it is anticipated that Cece Winans (Priscilla Marie Winans) would have a net worth of $8 million. It includes all of your assets as well as your income and money. 

Her career as a gospel performer is the primary contributor to her financial well-being. 

The Wife of Alvin Love II has been able to amass a significant fortune because of her many different income sources, yet she chooses to live a simple life because of her wealth.

Alvin Love II Children

Alvin Love III and Ashley Love are the beloved children of Love II and his wife, Cece Winans. They take great joy in being the parents of their two children. In addition to that, Alvin is a producer as well as a songwriter. 

During the annual Grammy Awards, the award for Best Gospel Performance or Song category was presented in a grand fashion.

Amor Love III 

Amor III, born in 1985 and a talented gospel singer and producer, is the son of Alvin Love II and Cece Winans. 

He has lent his voice to a range of tracks such as “Jesus Is the Answer”, “I Love You”, and “Is There a Heaven for Me?”. His collection boasts of “Colored World”, “2009 Changed My World”, and “What Do You Want” as some of his notable works.

Alvin Love II Daughter: Ashley Love

On September 9, 2017, Love’s daughter Ashley Love wed her fiancé Kenny Philips in a ceremony attended by family and friends. 

Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville served as the setting for the wedding ceremony. After the ceremony, they celebrated with a cake celebration before leaving for their honeymoon in Mexico.