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Here Is Alternative To Apple Air Pods With Half Of The Price Tag

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We have seen a lot of hype around Apple Air Pods. There is no doubt is that they are the logical evolution of an accessory that Apple managed to sweep in stores, the Air Pods. These wireless headphones attracted attention for its bold design, but also for its comfort, good audio quality and also and why deny it, its price.

But it is also true that the Air Pods have kind of become a meme. They are out there they are in the wild but there are alternatives out there too. So what about an alternative of Apple’s Air Pods?Apple Air Pods With Half Of The Price Tag

The Anker Soundcore Liberty Air wireless earphones are sort of more like air pods without the Apple’s Air Pods price tag. That is what we will be looking at today. The Liberty Air wireless earphones are almost half the price or actually exactly half the price ‘79 US Dollars’ than that of the Apple Air Pods.

Anker Sound Core Liberty Air kind of reminiscent of air pods, and maybe they sound good or better than the Air Pods. With Liberty Air earphones you can answer phone calls and you can talk into the microphones. The Liberty earbuds themselves have five hours of play time combined with the 20 hours charging case.

However, if you are familiar with the company Anker then you may also admit that if there is somebody to trust in the battery department then it is this company. So let’s see what could these Liberty Air earphones be the Air Pods killer? Let’s go.

Liberty Air Package Box: The container box of the Liberty Air wireless earphones is not much bigger than an Air Pods container. What it includes are the following items. There is a small, medium, and large ear tips provided in the case of earphones. The Liberty Air earbuds have touch right there on the back of the earphones. The wireless earphones are also touched sensitive.

The Earphones: Putting the liberty air earphones in the earbuds is pretty comfortable.  Moreover, they will not be going to fall out of your head.

When you connect them with your phone, they go straight into pairing mode where you pair it up.

Each touch pad on the liberty air earphones does different things. The left one handles the currently playing track. And if you want to go back a song the right one is to go forward a song. The right one is play/pause and to answer the phone calls.

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Liberty Air Earphones come with Google Assistant: The left earbud of the Liberty Air Earphones can launch Google assistant. Here you will double tap and assist and the track will begin playing.

The Range: When you will walk away from the phone, you would see that the pickup range of the Liberty Air earphones is pretty good. It has a big difference between different genres and music. Nonetheless, they both sound good.

It comes with more bass on a hip hop side as expected, the Air Pods don’t actually cut you off from the world. But the Liberty Air Earphones are much deeper so you will be a little more isolated and a bit more in the Music. I wish there was a bit more volume added.

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When it comes to the Volume, here these could maybe deliver a little bit more. They do something that the Air Pods do not do; I think they sound better than air pods. You are getting to be punched harder with these than with the air pods in my opinion.

On their hands, I think it is a decent alternative to Apple’s Air Pods product. Apple is probably going to improve on the previous version but doesn’t expect them to be affordable by any means. If anything they are probably going to cost you is around 200 US Dollars. So, if you’re trying to stay away from that price point, this Liberty Air earphone is a good place to look.