All About AJ Dillon Net Worth, Wife, Parents & College Life

aj dillon net worth

AJ Dillon net worth is as impressive as his NFL career. He is among the young football players who began applying to play professionally a few years ago.

After being drafted by the National Football League in 2020, he embarked on his professional football journey.

With a lucrative signing bonus of $1.4 million, he secured a contract worth $5.3 million with the team. AJ Dillon inked a four-year deal and remains committed to fulfilling its terms.

Notably, he was a key member of the Boston College Eagles football team, kickstarting his collegiate career in 2017. As a freshman, he showcased his skills in 13 games.

AJ Dillon biography

AJ Dillon is a 24-year-old man who was born on May 2, 1998. America’s Baltimore, Maryland, is the place of his birth. He was raised in the Connecticut region. He is of African-American and Jewish descent. 

In addition to playing football for the University of Notre Dame, his grandpa Thom Gatewood also built a reputation for himself in the sport.

Aj Dillon College is Lawrence Academy in Groton, Massachusetts, and played football for the school for four years while a high school student at New London High School.

He was a member of the Boston College Eagles football team as well. During his undergraduate career, he rose to prominence and was eventually chosen to join the squad as a professional player.

Aj Dillon wife name is Gabrielle. On June 25, 2022, Dillon wed his spouse in Door County.

AJ Dillon net worth

His wife, Algiers Dillon III, also known as “Trey,” gave birth to their first kid on May 2, 2023. Dillon and Trey have the same birthday.

AJ Dillon parents and family

On May 2, 1998, AJ Dillon was born in New London, Connecticut, in the United States, to parents Jessyca Campbell and Jameal Dillon. 

He has a close relationship with his parents, who have always been there for him through thick and thin. They frequently come to the fields to support him and watch his matches.

His grandpa, Tom Gatewood, was an All-American college football player, a 1972 team captain at the University of Notre Dame, and a member of the College Football Hall of Fame. 

His younger sister, whose name he does not mention, is one of the few siblings about whom there is little information.

Is AJ Dillon related to Corey Dillon?

Despite AJ Dillon’s appearance of relatedness to the retired Corey Dillon, the two are not related.

Because of their startling similarity, NFL fans and internet users have been speculating about the two Dillons’ relationship.

Some even nicknamed AJ Corey’s son, extending their speculations beyond reality. That is untrue, though, as there are merely coincidences between these locations’ similarities.

AJ Dillon net worth

According to multiple internet sites like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Bloomberg, AJ Dillon net worth is approximately $6 million.

In a brief amount of time, AJ Dillon has built a prosperous football career. His significant contract signings with professional football teams have contributed significantly to his net worth.

He has agreed to a $5.3 million contract, plus an additional $1.4 million, with the professional squad in his first contract.