All You Need To Know About Leif Umland CEO of Blue Phoenix Experience

Leif Umland Blue Phoenix Experience

Leif Umland is the CEO and founder of the “Blue Phoenix Experience,” a German marketing agency that primarily focused on video production and commercials at that time. Leif Umland started his own marketing agency in 2018 during his Bachelor in Science degree at the Excellence University in Konstanz, Germany. After graduating from the Excellence University, Leif moved into Berlin to scale his marketing agency to the next level.

At the start of his career, Leif got a chance to work with amazing clients like MILES which is the second biggest car sharing company in Germany among others and also worked with some smaller content gigs for Toyota, IBIS, Car-ship, Vitasation and many more renowned brands.

Working with these renowned brands just at the start of his career helped him gain more work experience and analyze his weakness. Since 2020, the marketing agency “Blue Phoenix Experience” specialized on building B2C-Brands including MILES and supporting some other brands and online shops to grow like lifestyle supplement brand “Vitasation”

Three strategical points that make Blue Phoenix Experience different from other marketing agencies

They focus on three main strategies, which include higher conversion, customer loyalty and more sales. To increase the number of conversions they emphasize on psychological triggers. With their hard work and high quality content, they manage to create a bunch of loyal customers who buy again and again and become enthusiastic brand ambassadors for your brand by using synergistic communication strategies for yourself.

Last but not the least, they use the deepest emotions as a sales strategy and understand the needs of the customer to where and when to target the desired audience which eventually leads the brand to more sales and marketing.

Blue Phoenix Experience has the best holistic communication strategy

When a brand is looking for its marketing strategy, it clearly looks out for a marketing agency that will help them grow drastically with the desired results. Well, you are in the right place then, Blue Phoenix Experience produce High-Quality Content for their live campaigns and social media campaigns.

Moreover, their marketing agency runs highly successful performance marketing and branding campaigns which enhances communication on online websites and shops by using synergistic and holistic communication strategy. That includes heightening them scientifically to increase conversion with the sales-psychological triggers and biases, copywriting and imagery fitted on personality traits of their end consumers.

Leif co-founded his own fashion brand

Earlier this year, Leif Umland came to another exploration and founded his fashion brand with his business partner Mareike Rademacher during COVID-19. To build their fashion brand, both the partners used the resources of BPE. The fashion brand is hopefully soon to be launched on 2021.

CEO Leif Umland

How to get in touch with Leif?

To get in touch with the CEO himself of the rapidly growing marketing agency, anyone can contact him via website