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5 Groundbreaking Futuristic Gadgets You Can Buy This Year

5 Incredible futuristic gadgets
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We live in a century where humans are surrounded and obsessed with technology to a great extent that it is even hard to imagine a life without modern tech. As we all be acquainted with the technology and know that it is budding gradually, every single thing is getting modernize and updated.

The rapid shift of technological revolution makes it trickier for us to decide where to invest and what will be more beneficial in the upcoming era, to make it easy for you here are the selective gadgets where you can invest your money this year.

Single Stack Kitchen

A stack kitchen is initiated by Massimo Facchinetti. This contemporary kitchen is designed so creatively its uniqueness couldn’t only accumulate the space but also the energy. The module of the kitchen is power-driven with solar sheet and water from which the sink is salvage and strained in a dishwasher. The elements of the kitchen include a microwave; a portion to hoard the coffee machine, an aromatic plant garden is vertically placed where you can cultivate your own rosemary and the cooking range.

Android Thermal Camera

Are you passionate to capture some hidden and eye catchy nigh views but your Android’s camera and darkness of night couldn’t justify the beauty? Then this Android Thermal Camera is your choice to invest in. This beautifully designed camera allows your Android to capture high-resolution images.

This mind-blowing camera can detect any human or thing as far away as 1600 feet in complete darkness. Even if you have any security issues this thermal cam would work as the perfect weapon for you, the camera includes software also which you can be customized according to your choice. All you need to do is to clip it into your android’s lens and you can have a clear image of every thermal image you want to see on your screen. Another resourceful attribute it has is it is not much battery consuming camera so you don’t need to carry all of the spare power springs all the time.

Thync Mood Altering Headpiece

We all know life isn’t a piece of cake that could be enjoyed in every bite, it’s a ride which sometimes turns in the most horrible yet stressing tunnels where sometimes getting control on your nerves and mood swings become the biggest challenge, but this challenge is no more a dispute now. The newly released Mood Altering Headpiece can calm your aggressiveness and gives you the soothing effect of peace.

The exclusive headpiece is divided into three portions module, strip, and app. The technique to use the device is to place the module over your right side of your forehead while the transparent bonding stick helps the device to stay on the position accurately. Even the research of neurologists marked this device safe for humans. So get control over your mental breakdowns and have a peaceful life.


This striking and innovative WalkCar is just a wonderful thing to meet your transport needs and to save you from traffic buzz as well. Even if the bus stop is far away from your place, WalkCar can help you in being punctual anyhow. It is lightest in weight and uncomplicated to carry. Its chargeable battery allows an individual to travel for almost 7.4 hours while keeping the speed ratio over 6 miles per hour.

You don’t need to stress much about your transportation if you are not in the position to afford those extravagant luxurious cars. WalkCar is reasonable to access and convenient to travel.

Flexible Smartphone

From slim to flexible, this is how the smartphones are transforming. Samsung is the initiator of the flexible phone which can bend in different shapes. This revolutionary tech consists of OLED which is durable yet allows the product to have curves and makes it flexible. The attributes of phones include Window operating classification and it is the first to have all of the unique attributes so far. Indeed, Youm is the one who holds the crown of being unique to millennials.

Invest your treasure in beneficial and futuristic thingamabob and upgrade yourselves while enjoying and making your life convenient with new and modern technology, for the next upcoming years.