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15 Top Tourist Attractions In USA That Amaze Travelers

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15 Top Tourist Attractions In USA That Amaze Travelers

Travel enthusiasts, stop making an excuse and start planning your adventures with incredible activities for this year! Make your new year memorable while exploring the USA and discover the best places to visit. Crammed with more than adequate, diverse cities and attractions, traveling to the US has always been challenging when it comes to finalizing the list of travel bucket. But you don’t need to worry much, we’ve listed down a list of the destinations that are most often cited as the places to visit at least once in life. You’ll feel so accomplished, and you’ll get an awe-inspiring picture out of it. Check out these more-than-real dreamy locations!

Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica

Make your brief journey remarkable with early morning walks and feel the magic between the waves, the surfers, the pelicans! Crammed with verdant rainforests, restaurants, bars, shops, tourists on the party, Tamarindo Beach allows you to begin the day with cozy sunbathing and swimming, then, venture out for a midday hike to spot birds. A trip here will include a copious amount of outdoor fun and sun. And, if you want to experience the most sun, plan your visit for the dry season, from January to April.

Big Sur, California

Want to make your journey even more memorable? Let’s drive down the coast of California on California Highway 1 and come across with some legendary stuff. Spreading about 163 miles from Carmel to San Simeon on the road through the Central Coast and Big Sur, there lies a visual feast of snaking curves and hills along with the blue Pacific. Also, make sure to check out the Carmel-Monterey area and hit Hearst Castle in San Simeon.

Sedona and the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon, an unusual geological wonder stretching over 200 miles, is another iconic attraction in the Southwest and the most popular of U.S. National Parks. Situated in the state of Arizona, the Grand Canyon is a deep ravine etched out by the Colorado River. Take a drive of the south of the Grand Canyon to Sedona, which is encompassed by stone structures of many colors that change with the light. Among this magnificent panorama, you’ll find great snacking, satisfactory lodging, and loads of art galleries and stores.

Biltmore, North Carolina

Along with more than magnificent views across the southern Appalachians, there lies Asheville right on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The vicinity of the place to the Great Smoky Mountains making it a great jumping-off point for hiking. Take your jaw-dropping to a new level of fun with a brief visit to the Biltmore. Built by Goerge W. Vanderbilt, Biltmore is the largest home in America. Here, you can rent a convertible and make your journey to this spot as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Located in South Dakota, Mount Rushmore has long been the most unmistakably American landmark. Constructed in the early 20th century, this place gives you ample reasons to cherish the larger-than-life faces of four former American presidents. This place is a real depiction of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt, each of which is blasted from the side of a rock face. The short Presidential Trail also offers excellent views and some exciting perspectives on the landmark.

Banff, Alberta

Enclosed by the Rocky Mountains, Banf offers fresh pursuits aplenty from hiking and whitewater rafting to skiing, dogsledding and snowshoeing. And, when you’re not exploring submarine, you can spend time experiencing cultural and musical performances throughout the year. Here, skiers and snowboarders can wind down with cocktails by the fire and meet new mates after a day on the slopes. Make sure to add Banff to your bucket lists.

Grand Canyon National Park

With glorious colors accenting the rich tapestry of heights and textures that are as beautiful and majestic as anything, Grand Canyon National Park is not to be missed to visit with your loved ones. And, when it comes to ambiance, there is no greater pleasure than the hikes you get to experience in this park. However, it gets extremely crowded in the summer, so it’s best to go during the off-season.  

The Everglades, Florida    

The eco-system of Everglades shelters exotic wildlife: roseate spoonbills, great egrets, pig frogs, alligators, dolphins, and sea turtles. This place offers you to drive in from Miami, paddle a canoe, hike or take a naturalist-led boat tour.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Founded by Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne, New Orleans is a Louisiana city situated on the Mississippi River. This place is all about festivals, a “laissez-faire” attitude, as well as French roots, making it a distinctly different—and popular—the destination for people who love to move around the world. From Jazz Fest to Mardi Grass, there are more than abundant ways to turn the boring moments into some enjoyable time in no time. Stay in the French Quarter for the most authentic experience. Here, you’ll be close to fabulous restaurants and legendary streets. And it’s just a few steps away from Frenchman Street, where you can enjoy the music New Orleans is famous for.

Yosemite National Park, California

If you happen to be in central California, Yosemite National Park is worth visiting. With breathtaking views everywhere, you turn, the park is great for hiking, camping, and other recreational activities, especially to visit in summer. Make sure you stay for sunset views. Even in the greyest and gloomy skies, the sunset shines through and lights up the hills, making the spot best for photos and memories! Winter, on the other hand, is amazing for not having the crowds, and a lot of good hikes are still open. Here, you can explore the sites for a day or two and make unforgettable memories and be free to nature. Also, make sure you go to tunnel view, incredible views right off the road with no hiking needed.

Disneyland, California

Considered as the happiest place on earth, Disneyland is a place where rides are amazing, and restaurants crammed with a number of scrumptious foods. With an amazing adventure and a magical venue, you can expect a day of enjoyment free of sadness and free of people having bad times. This theme park is a small world where dreams come true.

Denver Mountain Parks, Colorado

Get yourself immersed in the perpetual attraction of Colorado’s natural wonders and be enchanted with a thrilling zip line adventure. Among the infinite list, Denver Mountain Park is one that allows a number of activities that appeal to every traveler. Here, you can create a memorable experience all your own.

Alcatraz Island, San Francisco

Spend your quality time in Alcatraz Island and take a complete pleasure of great engaging tour, stunning gardens, views of bridges, and the magnificent city skyline. Moreover, it is recommended to eat first or bring a snack, since here you can only eat at designated spots on the island.

Yellowstone National Park, United States of America

Yellowstone National Park is one of the best national parks in the US where you can find everything you want. Considered as a national treasure and gem, this park allows you to see overwhelmingly stunning natural sights, including mountain ranges, hot fountains, magnificent waterfalls, and lakes, rivers, and ponds. Must pay a visit to the rainbow pool and biscuit basin for some hidden gems. And, be sure to stay here for stargazing as it doesn’t get much better, but be mindful of changing steam pressure from the steam and stay on tracks.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park  

Don’t miss an opportunity to experience the magnificent Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Get yourself hooked with breathtaking points of attraction and see the beauty and vast expanse of untamed nature. This place makes you feel how tiny you are in relation to the earth.

At last,

When everything is said and done, there’s no need to emphasize on traveling and talk about its importance. Travelling is important, but traveling to the right places is more important. Above listed places not only make your experience on a foreign land memorable but give you something to learn and enjoy.